Monday, October 24, 2016

Great Weekend for Southwind!

Good morning,

What a great weekend!  Sheri's daughter, Addie GOT ENGAGED! Congratulations to Addie and David!

What a beautiful ring! 

Also this weekend Sheri competed at the Waredaca October Horse Trials.  Although her ride with Toga didn't go as planned, she had a great ride on Biricchino in the Novice Horse division finishing 11th over a tough course. Way to go B!  

Boarder Holly's horse, Clementine, also competed with friend and trainer, Kelley Williams and finished 4th in the Novice Horse division. Great job!

If you competed this weekend and would like your results shared, be sure to let us know! We love supporting our boarders and their horses!  

We would also like to share some wonderful competition results from Heather Achen and Northern Light Farm, residents of Southwind.

Heather's students showed at WBTA two weekends ago. The weather was perfect and they had a great time! After a trying morning, Samantha Steckel and Beth Hosier rode Simon over beautiful courses really showing off all they have been working on these past few months. Carrie Hyde Michaels showed in the Low Adults and won Reserve Champion in good company. Heather said that she was most proud on how they all showed a great amount of teamwork and sportsmanship when the morning was a bit rough."  Congratulations Northern Light riders for demonstrating what this sport is really about!

Carrie jumping Trousseau

Samantha cantering Simon

Beth trotting Simon

Monday, October 17, 2016

Winter is coming! Help prepare your older horses for winter now!

Good morning,

We hope that everyone was able to enjoy the beautiful weekend! Here at Southwind, we have several older horses here on the farm. We work hard to give all of our horses, especially the older ones, the best conditions possible. It is very important as we prepare to head into the winter season that owners of older horses take necessary measures to ensure a good winter for them! Today we share an article link from Hagyard Equine written by Gina G. Tranquillo, VMD, CESMT on preparing your older horse for winter. Take a look here:

And remember, if you are looking for a place to board this winter where your horse will not only get the best of care, but YOU will have access to an indoor arena, please visit us at:

Monday, October 10, 2016

Don't forget...! A few spots open for boarders!

Good morning!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed it with friends and family. On this chilly fall morning, we wanted to remind everyone that there are still a few board openings at Southwind for the winter! Our experienced staff all live on the property and help maintain a routine that keeps our horses happy and healthy.  Not only do we have the facilities you need to train your competition horse, there are also miles of trails for conditioning and pleasure.  All types of riding are welcome, as are your own trainer, blacksmith and veterinarian.  We have always emphasized a relaxed atmosphere that is essential to every horse’s well-being regardless of discipline.  Our location in Damascus, Montgomery County, MD provides easy access to I-270 and I-70.

PS- did we mention that we have an indoor arena!?! Come take advantage of it this winter!

Be sure to check us out and contact owner Sheri Thornley today to set up your appointment!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Reflections of Southwind Farm

Good morning,

Today we want to share with you a beautiful letter written from Meridith Hurd, reflecting on her time at Southwind Farm.  Don't forget we are still accepting boarders! Contact Sheri today at: 

"When I came to Southwind as a boarder with my two horses Cinder and Dom, I was a sophomore in high school. Some of my most favorite memories as a young adult were going to the barn (after my homework was done) to go on a relaxing trail ride with friends or to take a lesson in preparation for a show. At the time, I was actively riding, training and showing in hunters and jumpers, and also foxhunted for many years until my family made the decision to retire Cinder and Dom. Both my parents rode at Southwind too! It was truly a family affair. 

Shortly after Cinder and Dom were retired, I went off to college. However, while both horses were enjoying retirement, my parents and I added to the family with two new horses Juanca and Bayley who moved into Cinder and Dom’s stalls. Juanca and Bayley both needed training and I couldn’t have been successful without the knowledge of Sheri’s horsemanship.
I not only have fond memories of spending time in the barn riding, but also enjoyed many evenings at the barn socializing; and weekends supporting fellow boarders at local horse shows, horse trials and other events.

The horses were always happy at Southwind and the care was and still is excellent. It is the perfect facility to go to enjoy spending time with your horse. It’s nice to have a place where you know the horses’ needs are always first. They say time flies when you are having fun, as September would mark the beginning of our 17th year at Southwind Farm. As I have recently relocated out of state, I was able to take my horses with me. But that is not without saying how much I will miss the Southwind “family” and will look forward to staying in touch.  Not only did I have the opportunity to make lifelong friends, but my horses made life long friends too." 

And here are some beautiful photos of the farm taken last week!  Photos courtesy of Laura Muncy, Heather Achen and Constance Yuan. 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Trainers of Southwind: Meet Carolyn Del Grosso

Today we are continuing our 'Trainers of Southwind' series where each week we highlight one of the many different trainers that teach at Southwind. Up next is Carolyn Del Grosso!

Carolyn Del Grosso has been riding horses since the age of nine.  She joined the Seneca Valley Pony Club at age 11 and got her "B" rating and evented through the Preliminary level. She put herself through college teaching summer camp in Potomac and decided that the business world was not really for her after getting my MBA at the University of Maryland.
Carolyn started doing more dressage around 1980 when the horse she was riding at the time proved not very athletic over fences.  She trained and competed him to the Prix St Georges level.  Shortly thereafter it became apparent that in order to move up in dressage she would need to have an imported horse as the ones being bred in the United States at the time were just beginning to improve.
In December of 1984, with the help and support of some friends and her boss, Carolyn was able to import Arklicht, a Hanoverian weanling.  He arrived on Christmas eve of 1984 so they nicknamed him Kris Kringle.  She was able to get her USDF bronze, silver and gold medals on him and competed through the Grand Prix level.  They also did many demos over the years, sharing their love for dressage from the Cherry Blossom Parade to the Horse World Expo and beyond.

Carolyn has trained with Sally Swift, Kay Meredith, Ginna LaCroix, Walter Zettl, Linda Zang and Rebecca Langwost-Barlow. She loves taking clinics and continuing to learn!

Carolyn continues to teach students from all disciplines and levels with a couple that have made it to the FEI level.  She has a laid back approach to progressing up the levels or just getting the student where they want to go.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Trainers of Southwind Series: Kelley Williams

Today we are continuing our 'Trainers of Southwind' series where each week we highlight one of the many different trainers that teach at Southwind. Up next is Kelley Williams!

Kelley is an advanced level eventer that began her life with horses while attending summer camp at Camp Olympic in Rockville, Maryland.  After attending a few camp shows, Pat decided that mother-daughter riding lessons might be fun.  And the rest, as they say, is history.

After graduating from St. Mary’s College with a degree in Mathematics, Kelley began working for Dr. Will Engel of Ridgeview Veterinary Practice (large animal veterinarian).  Working at the practice has helped fine-tune her horsemanship skills over the years.  In addition, Kelley continued with her riding and competing, and soon found a love of retraining young horses off the track and teaching students.  That, coupled with her passion for eventing, led to her current career as trainer for A Bit Better Farm.

Known for her absolute dedication to her horses, her students, and her wonderfully supportive family, Kelley has developed A Bit Better Farm from a small family barn to a leading event facility.  Possessing an enviable amount of patience, she is a naturally gifted trainer and instructor who always seems to know what her pupils need, whether they be human or equine.  Kelley draws great gratification in her teaching and coaching, and firmly believes that she learns as much from her students as they learn from her.   To learn more about Kelley visit:

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Southwind Boarder Competition Results!

Good afternoon,

We have a few more results to share with you from some of our boarders at Southwind. We love our boarders and are very proud of their accomplishments!

At the FADS dressage show at Blue Horse on August 28th:
Cashell and her mare Riva finished
-1st level test 3 - 73% 1st place
-2nd level test 1 - 69.5% 2nd place (their first time at 2nd level!!)

At the Seneca Valley Pony Club Horse Trials on September 4th:
-Cashell and Riva finished 7th place in the Novice Senior division with a score of 37.5 after a costly rail in show-jumping dropped them from 3rd to 7th place. But Riva did really well and jumped over the ditch bold and bravely (which is an improvement from last time!)

At the Maryland Horse Trials Fall Starter #1 on September 11th:
-Stacy Whitiak with Susan Lauffer's Bear With Me ("Teddy") had a clean cross-country round at Stacy's first Beginner Novice event!

Great job everyone! Stay tuned for results from Morven and a continuation of our 'Trainers of Southwind' series!