Monday, January 13, 2020

Ride Inside This Winter

Okay we can admit it, the recent mild temps for January have been wonderful! But don't let them fool you into thinking we aren't still going to have a winter. Colder temps and snow are likely to return so why chance it when you can ride inside this year?  Come join us at Southwind farm where you can utilize our indoor arena all winter long! Email for more information. 

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Tips to Winterize Around the Barn

Winter brings a lot of bad weather but it doesn't have to mean poor horse care! Everyone around the farm works very hard each year in preparation for winter to ensure all of the horses get the very best care over the winter months. Because keeping horses and boarders happy and healthy is our #1 priority. Having an awesome indoor arena to ride year-round through the winter months is just a bonus here at Southwind! Learn more about boarding at today!

Here are a few tips to winterize around the barn from an article from Debbie RAMM with RAMM fence:

  • Safer Stalls Prevent Injuries. Check all of your stall walls to be sure that there are no protruding nails, sharp edges or worn feeders that could result in an injury. Replace any old wood and be sure your stalls are free from split, chewed, and uneven boards. Holes in stall walls or any open spaces can turn into a place for a potential injury from a kick or a curious nose.

  • Ventilation is a Key to Better Health. Horse Barns need to have good ventilation so that your horses stay healthy. You can offer natural ventilation  through windows in your horse's stall. Hinged, grilled, or mesh doors allow you to open, close and clean your windows and sills while protecting your horse from the actual window.Additionally, mucking your stalls regularly will keep the build up of ammonia at bay.
  • Save Both Time and Money with Stall Mats. Some of the benefits include using less bedding, keeping a level surface for your horse which also allows for easier and more efficient cleaning.
  • Never Guess if Your Horse Has Enough Water. We all know that water is very important for our horses any time of the year and especially in cold months. Water not only hydrates, but also helps to keep horses warm in colder weather.  

  • Store Up On Bedding.