Monday, March 9, 2020

Post-winter check in for your horse

Shew! You have made it through another winter with your horse(s)! You are seeing longer hours of sunlight and temperatures are slowly warming with each passing day. That means it's time to plan your horse's spring health program vaccines and examination. No matter what you want to do with your horse this spring, it's important to have a check in with yourself and your vet to address anything from winter moving forward. Here are a few questions to ask yourself & possibly discuss with your vet:

  • Has your horse been in work through the winter?
  • Describe your horse’s feeding program. Have there been any changes in feed? Is he eating normally or have you noticed any peculiar habits?
  • Has there been any weight change? Are you feeding a special diet to control body condition?
  • Have there been any respiratory concerns, coughing, or nasal discharge over the winter?
  • Have you observed any lameness in your horse? Any lumps or swellings?
  • Is your farrier happy with the condition of their feet and/or shoes?
  • Is your horse receiving any treatments or medications?

These may seem like a lot of questions to answer but even if you’ve owned your horse for years, things can quietly change over a winter season so it's important to check in! That's why here at Southwind Farm we work tirelessly with each boarder to address any concerns or needs they have for their horse(s). No matter the age or breed we love all of our horses here at Southwind!

We would love a chance to welcome your horse(s) into the herd so email Sheri at: to learn about our boarding availability! 

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