Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Virginia Horse Trials Wrap-Up

This past weekend, the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, VA held the Virginia Horse Trials event. 
Southwind's Sheri Thornley and her horse Toga did very well, having a clean, fast cross-country ride and only two rails in stadium. The pair finished in 8th place in a very competitive Open Preliminay division.
Sheri even said that "Two rails BUT absolutely the best round this year! Toga felt like a million bucks and was so easy to ride . I'm not sure why the rails but I am THRILLED with him!!" Awesome!

Also, congrats to Lisa Austin of Southwind and her horse CMA Lookndownthebarrel, for their 6th place finish in a large Training Rider division!! Way to go! 

What a wonderful weekend :) 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Ari rocks his first training at Kelly's Ford HT!!!

Congrats to Southwind's owner, Sheri Thornley, and her horse Ari for finishing 2nd at the Kelly's Ford Horse Trials on Saturday. It was Ari's first time competing in Training level and he won the dressage with a score of 29.1 and only had one rail in stadium!! Way to go Sheri & Ari!! What a big move-up for him, we are very proud that it went so well. :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Toga says Have a Great Tuesday!!

Hi Everyone,

Sheri's horse, Toga, wants to wish you all a Happy Tuesday! Things are going well at Southwind and nothing new to report here besides the crazy spring weather!! Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Horse Show Success!!

This past weekend, some of the Southwind Farm horses were out and about at local horse shows. Not only was the weather beautiful, but the shows went very well and were a huge success! Sheri, Southwind's owner, competed Ari in the Open Novice division at MCTA Horse Trials and won on their dressage score of 30.0! Nice job! She also competed Toga in the Preliminary division, and placed 5th! Addie Thornley had a great outing with Juice Box, and completed the Junior Novice Division with a dressage score of 34.80! Lisa DeHart-Austin and her horse Woody, finished 6th in a very competitive Senior Training level.  Amy Carissa went to a local jumper show and did very well! Southwind also had dressage competitors this past weekend, including Carolyn Del Grosso who did great! What a great group at Southwind! Nice Job Everyone! Way to make Southwind proud!