Monday, June 24, 2019

Southwind Website Has Been Updated!

We are really excited to let everyone know that the Southwind Farm website (visit it here!) has been recently updated. Although our high quality standard of care hasn't changed it was time our website got a little face lift! With new photos of the farm, clear & concise information and boarding information you will find everything you need. We are also going to update this blog weekly with lots of great information so be sure to follow us here and on Facebook!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Now Accepting Boarders!!

Are you looking for a new place to board where you are not just another number? What about access to an indoor arena, outdoor arena, cross-country jumps and area for hacking? Here at Southwind Farm we welcome boarders of all ages and disciplines.

We are a larger barn with a "small barn feel" where everyone is treated like a part of the family. We are currently accepting boarders (both mares & geldings) to our farm of all ages, breeds and disciplines! If you want to learn more, feel free to contact Sheri at: (301) 253-9417 or and set up a time to come out and see the farm.

Or, visit us online at: 

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

More About Southwind Farm: Part 2!

We asked Sheri what are some of the highlights of the farm that make it special:

"The things I brag on the farm about are the routine and the atmosphere.  We have a routine here that keeps the horses happy and content. The same things happen at the same time every day. Not only do the horses thrive on it, but so do the people.

If you ask anyone that comes here how fast their horse settled in, they will tell you they were shocked about how quickly they settled in. I recently has someone that was quite worried about how their high-strung horse would settle in. We just treated the horse like any other, put her in the routine, and now she's settled and thriving!!

I take a lot of pride in not only the physical well being of our horses, but also their emotional and mental well being more than anything else. Another thing I am proud about is the atmosphere here at the farm. Southwind is is super non-drama, no judging, and everyone is part of the family. Even though we are a bigger facility, we have a small barn feel where everyone feels welcome."

More about Jorge, Longtime Southwind Staff Member
Jorge has been with Sheri and Southwind since the beginning and he knows the farm better than anyone! He keeps the farm beautiful in the summer as he is an amazing landscaper. He also takes huge pride in his work and if something doesn't get done to his standard, he makes sure it gets fixed. He recognizes problems with the horses and has even noticed a few emergencies before anyone else, making sure the horses got the attention they needed right away. He knows all the details of the farm-- he even knows how many poops every horse does in a day, how much they drink on a normal basis, etc. Southwind would not be the same without him!

Learn more about Sheri & Southwind Farm (now accepting boarders!) at: