Monday, April 27, 2020

Staying Motivated While At Home

Some days at home during self-quarantine (especially without barn time!) can feel as if they drag on forever making it hard to be productive. It's important to find small ways to keep positive as best you can.

Here are a few tips to keep your spirits high while at home:

1.) Adjust your thermostat to your perfect setting before you get up so it's ready to go.

2.) Open the windows for some fresh air and allow as much sunlight to come in as possible!

3.) Customize your alarm: Start out the day with a song that motivates you and gets you in a good frame of mind.

4.) Find a friend: Lean on a friend or family member for social interaction through a call, text or video chat service.

5.) Dress the part: Dress for success to help you feel good. Just because you might not be going out these days, it doesn't mean you can't dress up if it makes you feel better!

6.) Add green to your work space to to add life and warm it up! If you have fresh flowers blooming outside, bring a few in. If not, you can also have some artificial plants.

7.) Add a photo or inspirational item that make you feel happy to your work space.

8.) Go outside and take a walk to get some fresh air whenever you need the break.

9.) Keep planning for the future! Make a list of all the things you'd like to do once this is over and restrictions are lifted. (#1 on most lists... RIDE THEIR HORSES!!)
If your plans are to find a new barn for your horse(s) to call home this summer, consider coming to Southwind Farm where all types of boarders are welcome and treated like family!

Monday, April 20, 2020

Southwind Memories (Photo Fun!)

During this strange time at home we want to compile some photos of better days had at Southwind Farm. We hope these photos bring a smile to your face this morning! Thank you to everyone who shared them with us!! Enjoy!

Monday, April 13, 2020

Share Your Southwind Memories With Us!!

During this strange time at home we want to compile some photos of better days had at Southwind Farm. If you have a photo of something or someone special from Southwind or a great memory had with us, send it via Facebook messenger with a quick description or caption. We will be sharing them soon to hopefully bring some joy and a smile to our viewers. Hang in there everyone and thank you for your continued support of Southwind Farm during this unprecedented time. We look forward to seeing your photos!!

Learn more about the farm and our welcoming boarding opportunities at: .

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Goal Setting While at Home

Although we don't know when barn life will go back to normal and competitions will resume, setting goals now while at home can do two things: provide hope and help prepare for when the time comes! With the extra time at home, riders can re-watch old videos or go over old test scores to see what areas can be improved upon through goals.

Thanks to this article (click to read more) from Dressage Today magazine, here are a few goal setting tips to keep in mind.

1. Small accomplishments are still accomplishments.
2. It’s human nature to be critical.
3. When you set a goal, use positive language to phrase it.
4. If we set goals in such a way that it makes the first step difficult, it is unlikely that we will attain the goal.
5. Remember that goals are helpful tools, but they do not exist in isolation.

Southwind Farm has the facilities and support network to help all of our boarders achieve their individual goals, whatever they may be! With an indoor arena, two outdoor arenas, some XC fences, trails and more, Southwind is the place to be! Learn about our current boarding options by emailing Sheri Thornley at: today.