Monday, September 14, 2015

Help Wanted at Southwind Farm!!

Good Morning everyone!!

Southwind is seeking a full-time barn manager. Duties would be to oversee and help with daily barn chores, interact with boarders, take care of horses, arenas, property, and some spoiled barn cats. This is a great opportunity for someone that is reliable. organized, and willing to work. We would love someone with ability to service equipment, build fence, run tractors, etc but that's not critical. Housing and horse board possible for the right person as well.

From Sheri, Southwind's owner: I need a working manager...someone that can so some barn chores plus keep our awesome routine running on a daily basis. Involves being able to think ahead, multitasking, dealing with boarders, and being very aware of what's going on in the barn. Not hard if you are used to dealing with people, the horses are the easy part! One of the tasks is to dump and fill the water buckets every day...a tedious time consuming task, but it has to be done. You would help with turning in and out, feeding/throwing hay, feeding the outside horses, then a few odd chores. Would also be great if you could help drag arenas and sometimes mow fields. If you are interested I'd love to meet you! I can offer a salary that includes housing and utilities, and board for a horse. Let me know if you think you might fit into that spot. Check out the website it is a beautiful farm with great people and a great opportunity for the right person. Thanks!

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