Monday, September 28, 2015

Great Weekend for Southwind Riders!

Good Morning!

This past weekend several members of Southwind went out to compete at the Seneca Valley Pony Club Starter Trials! Everyone did very well including Sheri's newest project, Biricchino (aka "B"). This was not only his first event ever, but he has only been off the racetrack a few months! Sheri said he earned a few 8's in dressage and although a little sloppy in show jumping, he went around cross-country quietly and confidently to finish in 5th place. Way to go Sheri & B!

Boarder Holly and her mare Clementine also went out to compete and did very well finishing in 2nd place! 

Another boarder Lisa Dehart Austin took her horse, CMA Lookindownthebarrel as well and finished in 1st place! Way to go! 

Here is a great shot of the group with groom & supporter Lauren Carey (who was a big part in the day- thank you Lauren!) and of course Spike!

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